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Contribute to the Flood! Get monthly behind-the-scenes looks at the design and production process of new garments and products plus discount codes for future collections, art prints, and other small surprises! 

Subscription options:

Droplet: Monthly email newsletter on fashion, writing, art, and/ or design philosophy + access to some discount codes + 1 mailed limited edition art print per 6 month subscription.  

Puddle: Monthly newsletter + behind the scenes photos, videos, and sketches. Access to all discount codes. 2 mailed limited edition art prints per 6 month subscription. 

Downpour: Monthly newsletter + behind the scenes, all discount codes, and 3-4 limited edition art prints per 6 month subscription + plus physical fabric swatches of upcoming releases be first access to pre-order. 

Every drop counts (; 

*please include email at checkout*