Return, Reuse, Resale

Any product bought from the Becca Flood brand can be returned after a year, with the shipping on me! This is in effort to reduce the post production waste of each product. Once returned it will either be washed/repaired and resold on the site under a used product section, or taken apart and turned into something else entirely. 

From a young age I was helping to raise horses, cats, and dogs from birth to adulthood. When raising animals is a root part of your upbringing, it bestows a silent sense of responsibility that goes beyond everyday care. It teaches you to take responsibility for where the animal ends up after your care. 

I believe the same goes for garments and for art. Once I have created something it is my responsibility for the span of its life. 

*returning a product after a year will not result in a refund. If there is a problem with your order please contact me immediately and we can decide if it is best to replace or refund your order -- you have up to 30 days after the arrival of your product to do so.*